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People’s Tarot is a multidisciplinary and participatory project that includes 22 original collages, a tarot deck and guidebook, prints, and community readings. 

Pollinating Kindness is a participatory project exploring kindness as a material for art in which paper butterflies are the vehicles for actions with positive impacts.

Hybrids include nine large scale photo collages of women morphing into trees. The “Hybrids” print editions are represented by de Soto Gallery. 

Letters from Majd el Kurum includes five collages layered with photographs of a beach in California and letters written between the artist and a friend living in Palestine.

Love Stories is a minimalist approach to all the possibilities that follow after: "They met, fell in love..." and includes five visual poems made from photographs of the sky.

Landscape is a five-panel collage in which walking feet compose the land and consists of prints in custom light boxes.

S Verbs includes five digital collages playing with pop psychology and pop art. 

Mutations is three works made of hundreds of collaged photographs of hands, legs, and faces creating mandala images in homage to mythical female figures known for their creative and also distinctly destructive powers.

Artifacts is a series of hybridized everyday objects and short texts and includes singular objects and a limited edition book.

Select works includes select collages, sculptures, and other works since 1990.

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Buckley-Siren_digital-collage in lightbo
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