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Inclusion in the global activist archive "Where are the women artists?" created by ArtGirlRising with female-identifying artists from around the world. 

Member of the Association of Hysteric Curators which has organized exhibitions and held dialogues about contemporary feminism and female power for nearly a decade.


Co-founder and editor of Radical Actions: From Teaching Artists to Social Practice with Mary Anna Pomonis (2016), an online publication with original texts by practitioners that work at the juncture of art and community, questioning and complicating widely held boundaries between social practice as recognized in contemporary art and theory and the more historically female-dominated fields of art education and community-based art. 

Nothing Moments Project is a 2008 project by Steven Hull who teamed up with Tami Demaree, Annie Buckley and Jon Sueda to organize this ambitious collaborative project. With nearly one hundred participating writers, artists, and designers, Nothing Moments embraces the disparate fields of visual art, literature and design. The project consists of 24 books created in a relay process from writer to artist to designer.

Nothing Moments Project archive

Nothing Moments at Printed Matter, New York City

Select Press for Nothing Moments Projects

Dallas Morning News, "Nothing Moments Exhibit Draws
on Words of Fiction
", by Charles Dee, June 2008

Sun Sentinel, “Nothing Moments Connects Art with
Stories,” by John Thomason, December, 2008

Miami Herald, “New Ways to Fuse Artists’ Work,” by Eileen Soler, November, 2008 


Book Cover
Annie was honored to be invited by author and scholar

Breanne Fahs to share her art on the cover of her book Performing Sex:

The Making and Unmaking of Women's Erotic Lives, SUNY Press, 2011. 


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