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Annie Buckley is the author of three books of fiction published with collaborative contemporary art projects; editor of two books about Prison Arts Collective; and author of more than 20 books for children including Kids Yoga Deck (Chronicle Books, 2001). 

Buckley has published three works of fiction together with contemporary art exhibitions. Her experimental fiction melds contemporary surrealism with cultural critique.

Art books
Buckley has edited two books with works by artists, writers, and collaborators of Prison Arts Collective. In addition, she was a co-editor of Nothing Moments, a collaborative project including writing, art, and design by over 100 contemporary practitioners. She is currently at work on a nonfiction memoir inspired by her series, “Art Inside.”

Children’s Books
Buckley is the author and illustrator of the popular Kids Yoga Deck (Chronicle Books 2002) and the co-author of Once Upon a Time: Creative Writing for Kids (Chronicle Books, 2004). In addition, she has written over 20 nonfiction books for children and teens for library publishers under the names Annie Buckley and A.M. Buckley. 

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