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Please visit for a full listing of press related to Prison Arts Collective.

Interviews and Appearances

"Meet Annie Buckley: Artist, Writer, Educator, Founder/Director of Prison Arts Collective," Shoutout LA, September 6, 2022

Drew Schlosberg’s Spotlight on Community, “Prison Arts Collective Brings the Transformative Power of the Arts to California Correctional Institutions,” November 2, 2020

Drew Schlosberg’s Spotlight on Community, “It’s all about Diversity and Inclusion for SDSU School of Art + Design, October 18, 2020

Justice Arts Coalition, “Teaching Artist Spotlight,” September 11, 2020

GYST! Radio with Kara Tomé, “Community-based Art,” April 17, 2017,

The Huffington Post, “Tools for Transformation,” by Rob Schware, Give Back Yoga Foundation, July 7, 2017

WYBCX Yale Radio with Brainard Carey, February 10, 2016

The Make with Mary Anna Pomonis, October 15, 2013

The Other Art Talk, Interview, June 2011

Gabriel Cifarelli’s Blog, Interview, November 1, 2010

A Place of Our Own, guest yoga teacher on TV show preschoolers, September, 2004 

The Oprah Winfrey Show, Buckley’s teen yoga class featured, May 2001

Articles and Reviews:

San Diego State University NewsCenter, "SDSU Poised to Join Pell Grant Program Aimed at Fighting Recidivism" by Jeff Ristine and Mario Sevilla, April 29, 2022

The California State University,  "The Healing Power of the Arts" by Alex Beall, March 28, 2022

The National Reentry Resource Center,  "Prison Arts Collective Curriculum and Resources" by March 22, 2022

San Quentin News, "Prison Arts Collective: Program Offers Incarcerated Artists a Platform For Self-Healing" by Edwin Chavez, December 27, 2021


The Guardian, "'A Way to Deal With Emotion': How Teaching Art Can Help Prisoners" by David Smith, November 5, 2021

Los Angeles Times, “How an L.A. art show is humanizing the incarcerated during Covid-19,” by Makeda Easter, December 18, 2020 

SDSU Research Highlights, “A Unique Prison-University Partnership,” December 2020

The Key Point, Review of “Beyond the Blue,” by Andrew Everett, February 15, 2020

The Daily Aztec, “Inmates get creative in the arts with Prison Arts Collective,” by Catlan Nguyen, January 22, 2020


Art and Cake, Review of “What She Said,” at Ace/121 Gallery, by Eve Wood, January 28, 2020 

PSFA Stories, “Prison Arts Collective Moves Headquarters to SDSU,” by Georgia Burge, November 4, 2019

The Sun, "Acts of Kindness to Pollinate the Campus of CSU San Bernardino and Beyond, August 2015

Times Picayune, “Pollinating Kindness,” by Sarah Bonnette, December 24, 2014

Los Angeles Times, “6018,” David Pagel, November 3, 2014

The Senses & Society, Volume 9, Issue 3, "Tapping the Third Realm", Tucker Neel, Bloomsbury, UK, 2014 

The Huffington Post, "Inside the Artist's Studio, Volume Three," Gordy Grundy, October 2013

Artscene/VAS, "Homeboy Industries, Preview" by James Daichendt, January 2013

Artscene, Review of "Tapping the Third Realm", by Betty Brown, November 2013

Argonaut Online, "Ben Maltz Gallery to Spotlight Homeboy Industries", December 2012

"Annie Buckley: Into the Deep", exhibition essay by Phung Huynh, May 2012

The Coyote Chronicle, "Annie Buckley's Art Amazes", by Manal Musteif, June 2, 2012

The Huffington Post, "Human Nature": Featured Exhibition on January 2011 

Flavorpill, "Solo Show" at Jancar Gallery recommended, by Shana Nys Dambrot, fall 2009

Dallas Morning News, "Nothing Moments Exhibit Draws on Words of Fiction", by Charles Dee, June 2008

Sun Sentinel, “Nothing Moments Connects Art with Stories,” by John Thomason, December, 2008

Miami Herald, “New Ways to Fuse Artists’ Work,” by Eileen Soler, November, 2008 

Los Angeles Times Book Review, “Tiny, but full of possibilities”, by Susan Salter Reynolds, September, 2007

Rave, “Figuring it Out”, by Jim Farber, March, 2007

Easy Reader, Number 22, “Here, There, Everywhere”, by Bondo Wyszpolski, January, 2007 

Family Fun Magazine, Our Favorite Things, recommendation by Tracy Teare, October 2006. 

New York Times, “Exercising with a Full Deck”, by Eric Franz, December, 2006

Los Angeles Times, “Holiday Gift Guide,” recommendation by Lynne Heffley, December, 2005

Los Angeles Times, "A Print-off in One kind of Ink," by Holly Myers, August, 2004, "Digital Splendor", review by Eve Wood, September, 2004 

Publishers Weekly, “PW Forecasts,” recommendation by the editors, November, 2004

Bacon’s, “Kit Brings Ideas for Storytelling,” by Jean Nash Johnson, October, 2004

LA Yoga Magazine, “Yoga Tools for Kids,” by Julie Deife, January, 2004

Bacon’s, “Yoga Jr Adapts Poses for Children’s Skills,” July, 2003

Girl’s Life Magazine, “Do the Twist, Why Not? Kids Yoga Deck,” by the editors, June, 2003

LA Alternative Press, “Downward Facing Dog for Toddlers and Tweens,” by Lisa Keller, March, 2003

Yoga Journal Magazine, “Om Schooling” by Stacie Stukin, November, 2001

The Orange County Register, "Rich Perspectives on the Barrio" by Daniella Walsh, October, 1994

Downtown Lives, "Conversation Piece" by Toni Paige Birdsong, November, 1993 

Los Angeles Times, “Elementary Students Visit Venice art Gallery,” March, 1988

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